By Laws for
The Swedish Sustainability Foundation


§ 1. The Name of the Foundation

The name of the Foundation is the Swedish Sustainability Foundation. The Foundation is founded in accordance with the laws of Sweden.

§ 2. The Purpose of the Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to support science based innovative projects within the areas of environment and health. The supported projects shall be sustainable in the long term considering the technological, medical, ethical, environmental and political aspects, furthermore have long term economical soundness, equality and welfare.

The supported projects should be assumed to reach break-even within a few years or less.

The Foundation may own a limited company.

§ 3. The Board of the Foundation

The Foundation is to be governed by a Board of Directors (”the Board”) and is resided in Stockholm. The Board shall consist of three directors minimum and five directors maximum.

The board should consist of at least one representative from the Royal Institute of Technology and one representative from the Karolinska Institute. Scarab Development AB should have to appoint one representative. Besides that board members are elected or dismissed as fit by the board.

§ 4. Calendar Year

The Calendar Year of the Foundation should be the 1st of July – 30th of June.

§ 5. Change of by laws

Changes of by laws shall be made by the board and authorized by the accountants. Changes in § 2 must be approved by the County Administrative Board.