Arsenic in drinking water is threatening the health of people in more than 70 countries around the globe

Bangladesh is a least developed country with over 140 million people. Water borne diseases were the main reasons for mortality in the past. Millions of tube wells were installed to tap the ground water. These wells were sunk into sediments from the Himalayas which unfortunately are contaminated with high concentration of natural arsenic. Over 70 million people are exposed.

Viola Vitalis, a Bangladeshi origin nutraceutical company has developed medication consisting of Arsenicure, an ointment for treatment of external symptoms and Ars-detox, a capsule formulation to neutralize the accumulated arsenic inside the body. Viola Vitalis has based the formulations on research that has been done for other purposes and taken the leverage of available research to develop medication at low cost.

The Swedish Sustainability Foundation is supporting Viola Vitalis and this is the first project for which we reach out for assistance from outside donors.

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